Ariv Gupta


from hours prior

there’s so much to say, but on public domain, so less.

the world is your oyster, but it ends up use-less

thoughts swirl, whirl, twirl-

around my knees, shoulders, and mental pearl;

concerning feelings beyond the current thing

what saran wraps me is more than a social fling






it’s 5:04 PM, Monday, Dec 27; I’m working on Regular Decision Applications.

they’re actually kind of fun.

i had my share of midlife crises this week, but that’s apps for you.

i’m feeling good.

i’ve learnt a lot.

home stretch.

let’s do this…

…and about last week.

the messages I received, the support I got, and the love I felt.

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i have no words for how much i appreciate you.



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Ariv Gupta

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